CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. From its abbreviation, we can conclude that the term is based on the relationship of customer with the company. CRM is basically a strategy which is used for maintaining the interaction between potential customers and the company using business relationship, data and information linked with them. 

With the help of CRM you can access information about your customer like of contact, account, leads and sales opportunities in one central location only. The storage is in the cloud which makes information easily accessible by number of persons at a single time. The working base of CRM system is similarly as of top social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, which are built around people and relationships. And this is the reason behind the growth of these sites. 

Along with business, CRM gives an efficient and effective way for managing customer relationships and interactions to sales, customer service, business development and marketing. So you can say that a CRM software system is central point or nerve of business management. It manages the connections which links to the growth of business. 

 For small business, a CRM will help you in accessing the information in real device at any time, by storing info in the cloud. Today’s growing business are managed in different ways. Some are peculiar in using old traditional ways for fostering their business, while some Google documents or excel’s spreadsheet. But these ways are limited for small scale growth. For fostering rapid growth in your business, a CRM system should be considered. As CRM system will help you collecting precious info at one place. As it will free up your time and help you delighting your customer rather than focussing insights and information going through cracks. 

Though the main purpose behind the use of CRM is for promoting growth of sales and marketing section, CRM has been looking forward for the benefit of customer service. Wide range of channels are available to the customer for solving their issue related to customer service- they may start it by doing tweet rather than switching to email or phone for solving the issue in private. Customer Relationship Management helps in managing all customer issues coming from wide range of channels without losing any chance. 


In CRM, CRM software is a category of software which has number of designed applications which helps in business processes like:

  1. Customer data
  2. Customer interaction
  3. Marketing
  4. Contracts
  5. Employees
  6. Asset or resource
  7. Client and contacts
  8. Support vendor
  9. Access business information
  10. Customer support
  11. Track leads
  12. Automate sales
  13. Knowledge and training

Some of the best CRM software are:

  1. INFUSION SOFT CRM: It is suitable for companies of all sizes. Helps in contact management, company records, company insights, Gmail and outlook integrations and much more.
  2. FRESHSALES CRM: This CRM is flexible, effective, robust, has feature of call recording with cost efficiency. It has feature of drag and drop navigation, sales forecasting, emails of customized nature, 360 lead tracking. 
  3. PIPEDRIVE CRM: It is the most convenient and user friendly CRM available in the market. It has features like pipeline management, email integration, customizable campaigns of email, default analytics and reporting.
  4. ZOHO CRM: This CRM’s cost structure is affordable in nature. It helps in sales forecasting, built in analytics and reporting, email integration, pipeline management. 

Some other popular CRM Software are:

  4. amoCRM
  5. vCITA
  6. Monday.com CRM
  7. SugarCRM 
  8. Bullhorn
  9. Recruit CRM
  10. Agile CRM

Customer Relationship Management software is offered in number of installations which includes on-premises or web based cloud applications where the software is hosted by a CRM provider and is accessed in online medium through the client by secure services provided by the providers. Basically the use of CRM software is in the enterprise. In this many products of varied size can be made work under the cloud. 

Some of the inspirational brands which uses CRM software for taking their business to the next level. The companies are:

  4. KFC CRM

Todays CRM software is highly scalable and can be customized, which allows businesses to gain number of customers with analytical engine. Hence it is important in today’s era. 

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