CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM is basically used in businesses for dealing business relationship and the information linked with them. CRM software is a tool which helps in balancing and maintaining interaction of current and potential customers with the company. Thereby promoting the graph of company’s growth. 


CRM software engages customers interaction with the company by customer interaction, streamlining process and tracking leads. Maintaining records of customers is the most important aspect in any business. And keeping valid and strong info about your every customer is not an easy deal. Keeping record of each detail of every conversation is not possible to remember. So here CRM Software comes to fix this. 

Customer Relationship Management software helps by storing information, interactions, analytics with a central database which can be reviewed by the customers at any point of time. CRM Software gives assistance in:

  1. SERVICE: it maintains sales and service records and solves incidents of customer service. 
  2. MARKETING: CRM helps in managing market campaigns, sends targeted emails and leads. Some of the CRM software has the feature of marketing automation functionality. 
  3. SALES: It helps in generating and assigning leads. Moreover it helps in tracking each customer’s sales cycle, record of customer’s history and keeps tabs on accounts as well as renewals. 
  4. ANALYTICS: It keeps checking the trends. It has accurate and minute details of customers which will help in creating customized reports for checking or analysis. 


  1. CONTACT MANAGEMENT: CRM is a powerful contact management solution option which can provide you information or track of all your customers, vendors, suppliers, leads, partners and so on. It is used for storing contact information, emails, history of communication, purchase, case history, preferences, notes, documents, invoices and much more. Thus strengthening the role of CRM software. 
  2. LEAD MANAGEMENT: CRM will provide you complete visibility to your sales pipeline so you can easily manage your lads through the pipeline. It will give proper knowledge about the working of sales cycle.
  3. CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGEMENT: CRM does not help only in providing you new customers but it maintains a healthy relation with your old customers. Current and potential customers, both are important from the view of CRM software. The customer care service is designed in CRM to make it act as a central hub for storing accurate, updated information about all your customers and  their work with your business. 
  4. MARKETING MANAGEMENT OF CRM: The marketing feature of CRM  helps in executing multi directed marketing campaigns which can be done on the basis of online behaviours, customer link, purchase pattern, incidents of customer support and many more. Some CRM software has the feature of email marketing facility which totally depends on contact database.
  5. AUTOMATION IN CRM SOFTWARE: CRM software are mainly designed with the aim of saving time, removal of useless work and for enhancing the productivity of the company. It helps in converting mails into activities, making alerts before the work is due, delivering targeted marketing messages based on the pattern of customers purchase and many more. 

Here are the names of some of the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software which are used by companies in their business.

  1. Hubspot CRM
  2. Zoho CRM
  3. CRM
  4. Pipedrive
  5. Freshsales CRM
  6. Salesforce Essentials
  7. amoCRM
  8. InfoFlo
  9. bpm online CRM
  10. vCita
  11. Pobuca
  12. ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus
  13. Salesflare
  14. Salesmate
  15. Agile CRM

All this features of CRM software helped business to interact with their customers and to work according to their need and demand. If the management would have not done it would not be easy to keep every minute details of customers and to recognise what are their needs. Its feature of easy in use, simple integration, adaptability and growth has enhanced its popularity in the field of business. 

 The use of CRM software in business has improved or marked the growth in sales efficiency of marketing companies. CRM is seeing a direct improvement in the business providing support and assistance to their customers. Moreover this CRM permits variety of departments for sharing information and to act as collaborative team, thus increasing the efficiency and communication. It provides benefit throughout its working, from its workers to its entire system management. 

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